Our pub events

We held our first pub event in October 2005, and for eight years the Penderel’s Oak in High Holborn, a Wetherspoon’s pub, used top be our regular haunt.

We moved to the Liberty Bounds, another Wetherspoon’s, situated on Tower Hill, in January 2014. As the Liberty Bounds is currently closed for refurbishment, it was decided to temporarily relocate back to the Penderel’s Oak until the works are completed.

The Penderel’s Oak is at 283-288 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HP. It occupies the ground floor and basement of Penderel House, named after Richard Penderel, who in 1651 helped the future King Charles II to escape from Cromwell’s Roundhead troops after the Battle of Worcester, by hiding the royal fugitive in an oak tree on his country estate. The original tree, which stood near Boscobel House, was destroyed by tourists who cut off branches as souvenirs, but it has been replaced by another tree, known as the ‘Son of Royal Oak’. When Charles returned to London as king, the story of his lucky escape became well known, and 29th May became ‘Oak Apple Day’, which was a public holiday until 1859.  It is still celebrated in parts of Britain today.

The name Penderel’s Oak is a variation of the popular pub name Royal Oak, which according to an article which appeared in the Daily Mail in April 2011 is the third most popular pub name in England, after the Red Lion and the Crown, followed by the White Hart, the White Horse and the Swan.

Our pub events are open to all. You don’t need to book, and you don’t need to speak Lëtzebuergesch, to attend. Bring your friends! Please note that the Penderel’s Oak is a large establishment on two floors, and that it may take some effort to track us down. There is always be a red, white and blue national flag on our table to let new guests know where to find us.

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